Welcome to UniWeb forwarder


This is UniWeb URL redirection server. A URL redirect is a technique that makes a web page available under more then one URL address.  When your browser attempts to open a web page that has a redirect added,  the browser is automatically sent to the URL specified in the redirect.
Many users like to use URL redirection to shorten URLs, prevent their sites from having broken links whenever a site is moved to a different server, and most importantly allow multiple domain names to point to a single web site.
Our redirect service is free and uses search engine friendly redirect methods.

The reason you are viewing this page is either:

  1. IP address instead of a domain name was used to connect to desired website.
  2. redirect for this particular domain name has not been set up yet or is broken.
  3. you are a WWW robot

If you are UniWeb client and are seeing this page, contact UniWeb support team at support@uniweb.eu and request a redirect to be set up.

Kind regards,